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Satellite phone sector is open for all: Telecom Minister.

TRAI to discuss tariff floor price with telecom companies on July 21.


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  Amendment to Transfer Policy


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     Calculate Your Retirement Benefits

     Calculate Your VRS Benefits



   Circle Office letter to SSA regarding False/Fake caste certificate complaints reported against BSNL employees representations/letters received regarding employees belonging to category other than Scheduled Tribe.   


  BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme,2019 - Processing of pension cases through SAMPANN portal.   



   Circle office's Endorsement of  DoT ND Circulars   


  Payment of Dearness allowance(DA) to Casual Labourers [ including TSMs ] to draw their wages in terms of letter No. 269-11/2009-IV/LE dated 01.01.2010    

   Online registration to get Caste Validity Certificate from Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee of Maharashtra Government.  

   Settlement of cases relating to validation of caste verification from State level/District level scrutiny committee in the wake of BSNL VRS-2019.


   BSNL VRS 2019 - Acceptance letter and acknowledgement.    

  Processing of pension papers in SAMPANN Portal of VRS Optee regarding    


   BSNL VRS 2019 settlement of dues of loan taken by Employess from BANK/ Co operative societies.     

  Supreme Court dismisses telcos plea seeking relief from AGR dues of 1.47 lakh crore

   Subscribers in November 2019  

   Maintenance of services and office discipline in view of proposed one day strike on 8th January 2020 . 




    CSC Outsource Policy Guidelines from C.O. New Delhi.   Annex


   Organisational restructuring merger of non territorial Circles.  Letter   Annex.


   Message of Sr.GM(ESTT), Corpoarte Office, New Delhi. regarding VRS,2019.   

   Board level and below Board level posts including no-unionized supervisors in Central Public Sector Entrprises(CPSEs)- Revision of scale of Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2007- Payment of IDA at revised rate

  Appointment of candidates belonging to Halba/Halba Koshti/Koshti caste/community against vacancies reserved for the ST; Implementation of DOPT OM and corporate office directions.     



     Circle office letter to SSA Heads regarding Creation of DH for processing of pension cases of BSNL VRS2019 optees.

   Application for allotment of quarters   


   BSNL GSLI Scheme 2005 .

   Circle office letter to SSA Heads regarding BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme, 2019-Role of HoO/DH/Individual employees and step by step procedure for processing of pension cases through SAMPANN.  


   Guidelines regarding submission of GPF final settlement of VRS opted staff   

   Claim recoverable on account of leave balance i/r/o employees trfer from DoT and absorbed in BSNL. 

  BSNL endorses DPE's order on increase in IDA with effect from 1.1.2020

  Farewell function to Officers/Officials retiring from service w.e.f. January 2020 onwards.  


Com. O.P. Gupta unparallel leader of working class and founder of UPTW and NFPTE.

   Deputation of BSNL employees to other outside organizations-Imposition of temporary ban on forwarding of applications for depuation to other outside organizations. 


    BSNL VRS-2019 - Role of HoO/DH/Individual Employees and Step by Step Procedure for processing of Pension cases through SAMPANN.

   DPE issues order for increase in IDA with effect from 1.1.2020 


   Policy for provision of GSM in lieu of RSTC/ concessional Telephone facility to serving/retired employees of BSNL in Technically not feasible areas.  


   BSNL to decide on further consolidation of Business Areas on certain parameters - one of the parameter is that revenue of BA to be more than 30 crore. 


    Implementation of DOPT OM no. 36012/12/2013-Estt.(Res) dated 08.04.2019 and corporate office directions issued vide circular dated 27.11.2019 reg. employees belonging to Halba/Halba Koshti/Koshti   

  IDA increase w.e.f. 1.1.2020 :  IDA increase by 5.3% from January 2020. Total IDA payable - 157.3%. 

   CMD's New Year Message

   Service Book Verification-BSNL VRS optees-poor performance 

 Discrepancies observed in large number of Service Books of the BSNL VRS 2019 optees.


     Message from Director(HR) reg adherence to targets of VRS-2019  

   Pay scale Up gradation under NEPP-Clarification regarding officials against whom the false/fake caste complaint is under verfication/validation process-CORRIGENDUM 


   Media News: BSNL employees salary for November dispersed today:  

    Irregular drawal of pay and Allowances amounting to BSNL employees under participated in the strike during the period from April 2015 to February - 2019. 

   Release of Retirement benefits during pendency of Criminal APPEAL in respect BSNL absorbed/recruited employees. 


   GoM constituted to expedite implementation of Revival plan of BSNL, MTNL.

   Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on temporary basis.    


   Annual report of BSNL for 2018-2019 



















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