List of Circle Office bearers and District Secretaries. All are requested to go through it and any discrepancies may be reported for correction please.

   letter  2    union subscription   Diary information

     information regarding circle CHQ 

E-Mail Address of K. S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ is

        21  February 2015

      Lodging arrangement for participants of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra:- The participants of 25th Feb “Parliament March” coming on 24th will stay in Rooms No.-3,4,6, and 7 at Hindu Mahasabha Bhavan near Laxmi Narain Mandir (Birla Mandir) situated at Mandir Marg. The participants of above circles ie Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh should straight way go to stay there. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to NFTE participants at Eastern Court premises. The rally will proceed from Janpath to Parliament. Rooms 2, 14 and 15 will also be available on 25th February.   

      20  February 2015 

      Information in request of casual labourers who had been conferred temporary Status on or before 30/9/2000 and who have been appointed subsequently as Telecom Mechanic in BSNL

         CGA Details

       19  February 2015 

      Consolidations of SSAs into Business Areas

      18  February 2015 

     MOU FOR STAFF LOAN WITH BANK OF INDIA  & forwarding Letter

      17  February 2015 

     Holding of LDCE for promotion to the cadre of TTA टीटीएच्या परीक्शे संबधी

    TA for Attendant  

     News regarding 4G 

      ERP Salary issue 

     16  February 2015

      All Comrades should note "Convention of 17/02/2015 at Kalyan is Postponed." New Date of Convention will be declared after Circle Joint Forums meeting.   

     NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle condemn the Cowardly Attack on Senior  leader Com. Govind P Pansare and his wife Com.Mrs. Pansare and pray for their speedy recovery.

      Circulation of DOP and PW s notifications dated 29.08.2014 -regarding amendment in CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 etc. 1.Forwarding of BSNL  2.Forwarding DOT  3.Notification

        15  February 2015

       Authorization for procurement of GSM spare cards in West Zone after Called Open Tender 

       13  February 2015

     Settlement of telephone bills in respect of telephones provided at the residence of BSNL officers/officials working in BSNL and residing in MTNL service area. 1   2

     12 February 2015

    Consolidation of Business Area in ERP   1

     Join Forum Meeting 


     11 February 2015

     The Draft proposal Councils

     MoU Signed with SBI for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees.  Letter   MOU

      Letter to Circle Administration   1   

      Survey Report Regarding BB  

     10 February 2015

    SLP ( C) /2015 CC No(s). 396/2015 Judgment of S.C. New Delhi regarding grant of grace marks in JAO Exam. Letter   2

     09 February 2015  

     Nasik District conference:  4th District conference of Nasik District  held on   08 February 2015. Open session was attended by more than 100 delegates. Inaugural  session was presided by M.P. Shri.Hemant Godse. In the session Shri. Prajapti G.M.Nasik, leaders of BSNLU, Com.Sangle SNEA and Shri.V.P.Kulkarni AIBSNLEA, Com.Anil Sawant Org.Secretary NFTE BSNL  and Shri. Kasare SEWA were also present. Session was inaugurated by Shri. Hemant Godse M.P. in inaugural speach he  spoke on the issue of development of BSNL and assured his help in Save BSNL SAVE INDIA agitational program launched by Joint Forum. Shri. Prajapti G.M.Nasik spoke on the issue of Development in general and Nasik SSA in particular. Com. K. S.Kulkarni  Secretary CHQ (NFTE BSNL) in his address he spoke about agitational program launched by Joint Forum SAVE BSNL SAVE INDIA (25 Feb.2015 Parlment March and 17 March Strike) the BSNL's Finical Condition and staff problems (NEPP, Stagnations, Bonus, BSNL & MTNL merger and other core issues), he also appealed to workers to work sincerely to put BSNL Maharashtra on progressive path. Com. R.N.Ayare Circle Secy, Maharashtra Circle, Com.V.V.Gosavi ACS and Com.Milind Ingale DS Circle office addressed the session. 

       6 February 2015      

     Forum Meeting held  on 06/Feb/2015

    Inclusion of eligible officers who are due to retire before the likely date of vacancies, in the panel for promotion.

    CMD BSNL Interview

     VRS regarding Disabled  

      5 February 2015


      Furnishing Details regarding sports grant for 2014-15 to BSNL circle sports and cultural board 

      Nominations are called for Cash award to sportsperson in national tournament for calendar year 2014-Nomination.

       Nominations are called for Sanchar krida award for calendar year 2014

      4  February 2015

    Holding of LICE for TTA under 50% quota for the Recruitment Year-2014 - Approval.

      Recovery of outstanding dues of landline customer.   

       3  February 2015

       Method of fixation of IDA pay scales in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 1/10/2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion.

       Additional charge of the post of Direcotr (Finance) BSNL to CMD, BSNL  

     Letter to all CGMs / SSA Heads regarding revenue growth as per financial targets .  

      2 February 2015

      Information regarding supply of Raincoats/Umbrella to eligible staff for the last three years. 

      Agenda Points for CCM of WTR  and CCM of WTP     

      30 January 2015 

       Norms for Staff and Vehicle at SSA/Area/Circle Level- CM Vertical

           1   2   3    

      29 January 2015

     Finalisation of BSNL Sports Calendar for the year 2015-16

      28 January 2015

     MoU Signed with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees letter   MOU

      Information of casual labours who had been conferred Temporary Status on or before 30.09.2000 and appointed subsequently as TM.     

      27 January 2015

       CMD Letter to Unions of Officer / Executives / Employees 

       Revised Fair Usage Policy on office service BB connections.

        Regarding Working Hours of all CSCs 

      26  January 2015 

       Revision of IQ rate     

       24  January 2015

       Comprehensive Information for all CSC officials

      23  January 2015 

    Regarding Rs 200/- SIM Card to non executive working in MTNL Serving Area.

      22  January 2015

         Additional charge of the post of Dir(CM) to Dir(CFA)

      21  January 2015 

       Calculation of pension contribution

       Enhancement of kit money

       DoP & T Instructions & Guidelines  for Educational Qualifications and  Experience  for  framing  or amendment of Recruitment Rules     

    20  January 2015 

        Indian Government banned phones having fake, duplicate IMEI/ESN/MEID number, how to ensure it  

       19  January 2015

    GPF Account Management  

       CGMT, BSNL, Maharashtra - Regarding Allotment of Ground Floor of CTO Building Fort Mumbai to Bombay High Court

      16  January 2015

       Correspondence with Circle Office regarding Latur

      15 January 2015




   14 January 2015
    Dharana  Photo of  BHANDARA

    13 January 2015


     12 January 2015

    (i) Eligibility of disabled children for family pension after marriage and (ii) Eligibility for two family pensions - clarification regarding.   

  4th District Conference of Sindhudurg NFTE BSNL SSA Branch was held at Sawantwadi on 11-01-2015.District President Com.S.D.More was in chair. The Conference was started at 11.00 hrs. Com.R.N.Ayare Circle Secretary, Com.V.V.Gosavi ACS, Com.Anil Sawant Circle Org.Secretary, Com.H.L.Moktali Organising Secretary NFTE, Com.Sanjay Kulkarni and Com.K.S.Kulkarni Secretary CHQ spoke in  session in length regarding BSNL financial Position, workers demand (PLI etc) and ensuing agitational Programme of Joint Forum. Com.Milind Ingale D/S Circle Office attended the Conference

  Com.S.D.More, Com.V.S.Bane Sr.TOA and Com.Mrs.M.S.Alve Sr.TOA have been elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively. Maharashtra Circle  congratulate Newly elected Sindhudurg District body.  

      Empanelled Hospitals in Mumbai

      10 January 2015    

  Media News: MTNL- BSNL merger! Telecom Minister rules out possibility

     9 January 2015

   Former High Court Judge Barrister B. N. Deshmukh inaugurated signature campaign at Aurangabad in the Presence of Trade Union leader Com.Dr.Bhalchandra Kango.

     Dharana  Photo of  Circle Office   Chandrapur   Kolhapur   Satara  Wardha   

      All ERPGo-Live Circles: Implementation of revised Union subscription from salary of members of NFTE-BSNL in ERP.  

      Compassionate ground appointments-Change of procedure. 

    8 January 2015 

    Thanks and Congratulations  Comrades for holding successful three day dharna.

The Three day dharna, called on by the Forum, has taken place very successfully through out Maharashtra Circle. The employees have also responded well to the call.  As per Joint Forum’s decision Circle Branch request to start collection of one crore signatures. It is also  requests from Circle Branch to all the district unions to concentrate on these works and implement the program successfully.

      Dharana Photos of Akola   ANR    Pune   Kalyan

 Coal workers Strike :

The 5 day strike of the Coal workers was withdrawn on the 2nd day,

 congratulations to the 7 lakh Coal workers, and their trade unions for

 launching such a struggle against the polices of the government to

 privatise   the Public Sector. (After assurance no privatisation of the

 Coal sector) based on which the strike has been called off.  

    Reconnection of permanent disconnected GSM (post-paid) connections without clearance of outstanding dues       

     7 January 2015

         DPE order on IDA

    Information regarding Death Cases.

     Revision of Stipend to various cadres in BSNL on revision of IDA Pay Scales of BSNL employees w.e.f. 01.01.2007.   

       Dharna Photos of Akola   Yeotmal    Wardha 

      Letter to Circle Office administration by Dist. Secretary Circle Office Mumbai regarding granting of Sp.C.L. for disturbance in Railway services. 

     6 January 2015 

      Remembering OPG


     As per Joint Forum Decision Dharna program held all over Maharashtra Circle on first day of three days Dharana as per the decision of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations all Districts & Circle HQs. All the comrades are requested to take lead,  for making  it grand success by participation by maximum members.

     Status of LDCE Result for Promotion to the cadre of Telecom Mechanic for the year 2013 held on 28.09.2014  

     Akola SSA Dharna / Demonstration held at Telephone Bhavan Akola   

      The Workers of COAL INDIA LTD on struggle against disinvestment and privatisation.

      5 January 2015 

      Letter from BSNL C.O. regarding agitational program , viz 3 days dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL C.O. from 6 to 8 January, 2015 and indefinite strike from 3 February 2015 in response to Joint Forum demands.

     Forum Strike Notice      Forum Circular 

     New Year Greeting to CGM Maharashtra Circle by NFTE BSNL

       JAO Syllabus

     4 January 2015 

      Three days Dharna on 06th, 07th and 08th January, 2015 at SSA/Circle HQs and BSNL Corporate Office:  As per the decision of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations, three days Dharna will be held on 06, 07, 08 Jan, 2014. All the issues in the charter of demands are related to BSNL revival only . All Dist. Secretaries of  SSA/Branch Secretaries and office-bearers at all levels are requested to make extensive preparations for the Dharna. 

       2nd January 2015

     Review of Results

        1st January 2015

  Deduction of Union subscription from the salary of members of NFTE-BSNL.   

        31 December 2014 

    IDA Increased by 2.2% wef 01-01-2015 Total IDA will be 100.3% 

    NFTE BSNL Monthly Union Contribution will be Rs.25/-.         

    New Year Message from CMD BSNL 

      Purchase of Diaries   Purchase of Diaries  

     Review of results of failed SC-ST candidates of LICE for the post of JAO           

 30  December 2014 

    A Grand Farewell function was arranged by Officers and Employees of Dhule SSA for Com. R.G.Muley Leader of Maharashtra Circle, who is retiring on 31/December/2014. The function was attended by Shri. Nitin Mahajan GM Dhule, Com. C.Singh General Secretary NFTE(BSNL), Com.R.N.Ayare Circle Secretary,Com.K.P.Panchal Circle Treasurer, Com.R.G.Dani Dsit.Aurangabad, Senior Comrade Com. Ram Nimbalkar Aurangbad,  Com.D.N.Godse Dist.Secretary Nasik along with Com.Dattu Jadhav, Com.Etankar Dist.Wardha  along with Com.Nair, Com.Naresh and Com.K.S.Kulkarni Secretary CHQ along with other dignitaries/Office bearers of  unions and associations from Dhule Dsit. Who spoke about Com.R.G.Muley work/Contribution in Union and Social work and wished him very happy retired life.

     Quarters Modified allotment Policy 

     How to Join CGHS after Retirement       

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