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Satellite phone sector is open for all: Telecom Minister.

TRAI to discuss tariff floor price with telecom companies on July 21.


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  Amendment to Transfer Policy


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  Consolidation of Business Areas and rationalization of Work & delegated powers- Re-designation of BA/SSA Heads in MH Circle.    

   Re-distribution of posts of Sr. Hindi Translator in Maharashtra Circle.  


  Endorsement by Circle Office:::- Submission of Life Certificate by BSNL/DOT retirees through Customer Service Center of BSNL.  


  BSNL raises Rs 8,500 crore via local bonds.


  Settlement of cases of VRS-2019 optees relating to validation of caste certificate from State level/District level scrutiny committee - whose caste validation is pending   


 BSNL Corporate Office letter to Circle Heads on Pending pension cases in respect of retirees under BSNL VRS-2019  Annex

    Redressal of grievances of retired employees of BSNL  

  Allocation of adhoc welfare grant to Circle Staff Welfare Board for the year 2020-21.   1      2

  Submission of Service Books of all VRS-2019 opted DRs to CCA   


   CGHS Emergency Treatment in empanelled hospital  

  Non-tenure/Tenure transfer and Posting of JEs( Circle Cadre) in MH Circle.    

  Settlement of pending issues in respect of retired employees under BSNL VRS -2019 - DO letter from Director (HR)  

   Question and Answer in Lok Sabha on BSNL : Market share of BSNL and Loss incurred by BSNL

  Grant of time-bound financial up-gradation under EPP/NEPP/in respect of the VRS-2019 retirees, which was due before their voluntary retirement on 31.01.2020.    


  Submission of Life Certificate through BSNL CSCs  


  DoP&PW Circular in r/o those who usually submit Life Certificate in November  


  Common order dated 26-05-2020 OA Nos 150 to 154/2018 pronounced by the Ld CAT, cuttack Bench in the matter relating to regularization of RTP service   


  Renting out Staff Accommodation to Individuals under CROP-2020 in Mumbai  

   Empanelment of Hospital in Sangli.  

  Renting out Staff Accomm to Individuals under CROP-2020 in Mumbai(Annexures B1,B2,A1,A2     



  Erroneous orders of absorption in terms of Rule 37A of CCS(Pension) Rules-corrective action thereof.  


 Office Memorandum by DoPT regarding VRS

 Expenditure Management - Further Economy Measures. Letter by DoE.


  (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to  DoT_India @CMDBSNL BSNL 20 years celebration on 1st October 2020 solicit payment Aug. 2020 salary immediately there after on due date from Sep 2020 keep glory and prestige of PSU on the occasion. 


  (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to  @PMOIndia @rsprasad @DoT_India Govts delaration BSNL strategic asset of nation laudable delay launching 4g adversely affecting psu dot yet to resolve impasse #bsnl 4g now #     

 Renewal of empanelment of Hospital in Nasik.  

 Empanelment of Hospital in Ahmednagaar SSA   1    2 

 मार्क्सवादी कम्युनिस्ट पक्षाचे जेष्ठ नेते, CITU चे राज्य उपाध्यक्ष, SFI चे महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील संस्थापक, औरंगाबाद (माकप) चे संस्थापक सदस्य कॉ. उद्धव भवलकर यांचे नुकतेच दुःखद निधन झाले आहे... कॉम्रेड भावलकरांना अखेरचा क्रांतिकारी सलाम.


Temporary transfer of JEs(SSA Cadre) from One SSA to another SSA in Maharashtra Circle.    


 BSNL Corporate Office issues letter to retrench remaining contract workers.


 Immediate settlement of pending issues in respect of retired employees under BSNL VRS-2019.  

 Leave encashment not paid by circles.


 Central Trade unions denounce the Government's arbitrary move to prematurely retire government employees.

  भारत संचार निगम लिमिटेड, मुख्यालय एवम उसके अधीनस्थ कार्यालयो में सितम्बर 2020    


We condole the death of former President of India Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.

  Consumer Price Index for the month of July 2020 increased by 4 points and stood at 336.  


 BSNL VRS-2019-Assesment of pending amount of ex-gratia payable to VC With held cases and cases not settled due to pending verification of caste certificate.   

 Periodic Review of Central Government Employees for strengthening of administration under Fundamental Rule (FR) 560)1(l) and Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. DoPT letter no. No.25013/03/201 9-Estt.A-IV  Dated : 28th August, 2020.  


 Consolidation of Business Areas.

 Revision of Flat Rate License Fee

  BSNL lost 4,60,000 Broadband Subscribers during the period from January to May 2020  

 Representation to CGM Maharashtra Circle regarding TSM solapur case.


  BSNL C.O. letter to Circles regarding Claims recoverable on account of leave at credit in respect of employees transferred from DoT and absorbed in BSNL. Letter No. 48-18/2019-Pen (B) Dated 25-08-2020.

 DOP letter Facility for central Govt, civil pensioners to store Electronic PPO in Digi Locker.


 BSNL C.O. letter regarding comprehensive renting - out Policy of BSNL Buildings.  2 

 DPE notification regarding Review of Profitability of CPSE.

 Tenure transfer and Posting of JEs( Circle Cadre) in MH Circle.   

Inter SSA transfer in MH Circle of JEs (SSA Cadres) under Rule-8 of BSNL Transfer Policy.   


 Endorsement by Circle office regarding Absorption Cases of Group B,C,D Employees. 

 Calculation of stay in respect of BSNL employees posted in hard tenure station. 

 Board level & below Board level posts including Non-unionized supervisors in Central Public sector Enterprises(CPSEs) -Revision of scales of pay w.e.f.01.01.2007-payments of IDA at revised rate.    


 Grant of Time bound financial up-gradation under EPP/NEPP in respect of the VRS-2019 retirees ,which was due before their voluntary retirement on 31.01.2020   


  DPE issues order for IDA payable from 1.7.2020  


 Granting of financial time bound up gradation under NEPP/EPP in respect of BSNL VRS-2019 retirees.


74th Independence Day, Happy Independence Day, Inquilab Zindabad


 Arranging of Service Books of VRS opted DRs .    


  As per the call of the AUAB, lunch hour Protest demonstrations were organised successfully against BJP MP, Shri.  Anantkumar Hedge in Maharashtra Circle Successfully. Photos 

 Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.  



 AUAB circular, calling upon the BSNL Executives and Non-Executives to organise Lunch Hour protest demonstrations and Twitter Campaign on 13-08-2020..  


  श्री. अनंतकुमार हेगडे, उत्तर कन्नड जिल्ह्याचे खासदार, यांनी १० ऑगस्ट २०२० रोजी कुमठा येथे झालेल्या कार्यक्रमात, बी.एस.एन.एल. च्या कामगारांना देशद्रोही म्हणून संबोधले. आम्ही त्यांच्या ह्या बेजबाबदार वक्तव्याबद्दल त्यांचा तीव्र निषेध करत आहोत.

 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to  @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL  Bsnl warriors are greatly hurt on calling them as 'Traitors' by BJP MP Shri Anant kumar Hegde we condemn. Employees performance during natural calamities are unparallel.  

We strongly condemn Sri. Anantakumar Hegde for calling BSNL staff traitors, etc.  

 Letter of further extension of sanction of  Provision to BSNL VRS cases.  

 BSNL VRS -2019 scheme cases.   


 Letter to MOC written by Dr. Bhagwat Karad Ex.Chairman MDB.

 CHQ's letter to BSNL Administration regarding payment of 4th Installment of Exgratia to BSNL VRS-2019 retirees.  

 Absorption Cases of Group B,C,D Employees.


(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to #BSNL4GNow @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL   To put BSNL at par with private telcos implement cabinet decision of 23rd October 2019.  

(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to #BSNL4GNow @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL  To put BSNL at par with private telcos implement cabinet decision of 23rd October 2019.


 Representations by TTAs for grant of DOT recruited employees' status 

 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @CMDBSNL , @arvind9963 LIC premiums in respect of wkg staff are not deposited causing immense danger as families would not get any money from LIC on occurrence of unpleasant incident. Urge deposit dues with penalty and honour terms conditions of insurance.  

(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to @rsprasad  @DOTIndia @CMDBSNL..  heavy landslide at remote village pettymudy of munnar in kerala crippled telecom services, BSNL team today restored towers and proved it is strategic asset of nation. Hearty greetings to BSNL team for rising to occasion and private telcos missing in distress.   



Immediate settlement of pending issues in respect of retired employees under BSNLVRS 2019  

Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.     


(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @CMDBSNL , @arvind9963 superannuation benefit contributions for bsnl rectts 3and5 percent fm1st april2017 are not being deposited reportedly fm nov2017 making future uncertain pl intervene for reconciliation and resolution.    


Payment of provisional Family Pension on death of a Government Servant during service. 

Office Order by Circle office.

Deployment of manpower on outsourced basis for upkeep of Telecom installations including Buildings and stores.  


Grant of disability pension, comprising service element and disability element to pre-2006 disability pensioners. 

















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