राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारणीची बैठकीची क्षणचित्रे Photos of NEC held at Aurangabad 01-11-2015 to 03-11-2015.

     List of Circle Office bearers and District Secretaries.    

E-Mail Address of K. S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ is kr5902@gmail.com. 9423084100

      28  November 2015

      EPF NODAL OFFICERS AS ON 28/11/2015 

       Marketing of BSNL Service in other PSUs/State Governement and other Central Government Officer in the States    

       27  November 2015

      Press News(PTI) :BSNL to make first net profit by 2018 RS Prasad.

      Printing of Calendars and diaries

      26 November 2015 

       Minutes of the 33rd National Council meeting held on 16.10.2015 

         25 November 2015   

     List of Closed Holidays/Restricted Holidays for the year 2016 (English Version)     

     List of Closed Holidays/Restricted Holidays for the year 2016 (Hindi Version)     

        23 November 2015   

      Compliance report on payment of wages to Contract labourers by Cheque/online.  

       21 November 2015   

     Providing SIM card to Non-Executives posted in MTNL Service are of Mumbai.        


      20th November 2015  

      Clarification regarding JTO Phase-I Training 

     CPC Report 

       19th November 2015  

    Status of TTA/JTO 

     Regarding Review of Medical Policy -Addressed to All Circle Secretaries of Union/Associations.    

       18th November 2015 

       Ensuring registration of Contractor employees under the ESI Act. 1948.

       17th November 2015 

      BSNL reports operating profit of Rs 672 cr for FY15 (PTI news) 

        Marketing of BSNL Services in other PSUs/State Governments and other Central Government Offices in the States.

      Settlement of Medical claims Indoor/Outdoor and Implementation of CGHS Rates noted in the year 2014   

       16th November 2015  

     Non-implementation of decisions taken in CCMs.     

      Instructions regarding taking up individual cases.      

     Winding of BRPSE

     Revise schedule of meeting with DIR (HR)

      Swchha Bharat Letter  1  2   

       14th November 2015        

      Architect of Modern India

        11th November 2015  

         Processing payment of BSNL Office Service Telephone bills working in MTNL Service area.  

         10th November 2015    

       Technical Write Off CDMA Revenue Outstanding over Ten Years old i.e. upto 2004-05.    

        8th November 2015  

     CMD BSNL message for Deepavali.

      Resolutions of NEC meeting at Aurangabad.

      7th November 2015  

 महाराष्ट्र परीमंडळाच्या सातारा येथे दि.24 25/07/2015रोजी झालेल्या कार्यकारणीच्या बैठकीत, राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारणीची बैठकी करता रूपये२०,०००) देणगी जमा करण्यांचे ठरले होते व त्या अनुषगांने ज्या SSAनी तो निधी महाराष्ट्र परीमंडळाकडे जमा केला त्यांची यादी सोबत  जोडली आहे व  ज्या SSAनी तो निधी महाराष्ट्र परीमंडळाकडे अजुनही जमा केला नाही त्यांनी तो लवकरात लवकर महाराष्ट्र परीमंडळाकडे जमा करावा ही विनंती.  

  As per decision taken in CEC Satara for Collection of Donation of (Rs.20,000/-) from each SSA and (Rs.2000/-) from CHQ and Circle Office bearers is attached herewith and it is also requested to those SSAs who has still remit their amount are requested to do so.

        6th November 2015 

      Correspondence with Corporate Office by CHQ Regarding HRA payment   Pension  Terminal benefits to BSNL Recruite

    Corporate office letter regarding Audio recording.      

        Letter from Circle Office to SSA heads.  1  2   3

       5th November 2015 

     Correspondence with Corporate Office by CHQ   Regarding Payment of GPF   Payment of PLI 

      Settlement of Medical claims.  1   2 

        4th November 2015 

    On the behalf of NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle. We sincerely thank all our District Branches for their financial support to Maharashtra Circle as decided in Satara  CWC meeting and  helping the Maharashtra circle for holding the NEC meeting  at Aurangabad in very Grand Manner. We extend our sincere thanks to Comrades of Aurangabad for their disciplined and Courteous behavior throughout the NEC meeting. We also thank our Com. Dilip Jagdale ACS for his creativity. And We sincerely thank Com. Dr. Bhalchandra Kango Chairman Reception Committee & Senior Leader AITUC for his active support and helping NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle  in conducting the NEC meeting at Aurangabad.

     On the behalf of NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle  we thank our CHQ for giving us opportunity for holding NEC in Maharashtra circle. We also extend our sincere thanks to all the participants for their co operation for conducting NEC smoothly.

    Press News: BSNL will be back in profits by 2018-19, says MD Anupam Shrivastava

       Engagement of Apprentices in BSNL under Apprentices Act.    

     Press NEWs  Regarding Wi fi Hot Spot  

       3rd November 2015  

       Holding of SRD for filling up backlog vacancies for SC/ST/OBC of the R. Y.2012 in TTA cadre through Direct Recruitment.

        Compliance report on payment of wages to Contract labourers by Cheque/online.  

        2nd November 2015 

       Forwarding of Recruitment Rules of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom)-2014

        Inordinate delays in settlement of medical claims of retired employees

        Creation of HRMS/PERNER in ERP for new employees joining in BSNL.

        1st November 2015 

       National Executive Meeting Started in Enthusiastic and Grand manner in Aurnagabad. Com.Bhalchandra Kango, Secretary Reception Committee welcomed the CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries of NFTE BSNL in Historic Aurangabad City. (Press Release on the eve of NEC)


    NFTE HQR New No:-  +91 11 23316656, 23315677, 23351877, 23353245  

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