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Satellite phone sector is open for all: Telecom Minister.

TRAI to discuss tariff floor price with telecom companies on July 21.


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      Com. K.S.Kulkarni 9423084100

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     Calculate Your Retirement Benefits

     Calculate Your VRS Benefits

   IDA increase w.e.f. 1.1.2020 :  IDA increase by 5.3% from January 2020. Total IDA payable - 157.3%.  


  Pay scale Up gradation under NEPP-Clarification regarding officials against whom the false/fake caste complaint is under verfication/validation process-CORRIGENDUM 




   Media News: BSNL employees salary for November dispersed today:  

    Irregular drawal of pay and Allowances amounting to BSNL employees under participated in the strike during the period from April 2015 to February - 2019. 

   Release of Retirement benefits during pendency of Criminal APPEAL in respect BSNL absorbed/recruited employees. 


   GoM constituted to expedite implementation of Revival plan of BSNL, MTNL.

   Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on temporary basis.    



  Annual report of BSNL for 2018-2019 


  BSNL VRS 2019 - Representations received for change of options. 

   Re-assignment of work in view of VRS. 



  Fresh applications & request for change of accommodation for Type-I to Type-VI for preparation of waiting list.

  VRS 2019 - Clarifications relating to submission of option /withdrawal form.    


    Policy on Outsource after VRS 2019 and Payment of Pension benefits for VRS 2019 optees.


   November 2019 --Cash flow. 


   Media News: BSNL employees to get November salary soon: CMD.  

  Renewal of empanelment of pvt. hospital Kalyan eye retina care centre Kalyan    


   NEPP - Guidelines regarding impact of disciplinary cases erupted beyond the due date of upgradation. 

    Corporate Office letter on Video Conferencing on post merger actions of non-territorial circles.


  List of Closed Holidays/Restricted Holidays to be observed by the Administrative/Operative Offices of Maharashtra Telecom Circle duting the year 2020 .

   Instructions regarding submission/processing of Pension Papers through SAMPANN Portal regarding.     

 BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme - 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ-3).  

   Release of Pensionary benefits to retiree against whom personal court case (other than departmental) is pending in the Court.

   Targets for completion of tasks related to acceptance of options for BSNLVRS2019.  

   JTO LICE Results declared for the  held on 26.05.2019.  1


    Questions and answers in Parliament on BSNL :

      4G spectrum BSNL 

    VRS for BSNL Employees. Salary Package for BSNL Employees 

    Pension revision of Retired Employees.

    Implementation of Contract Labour Laws in BSNL.  


   instructions regarding Check List/Forms of Pension Papers with regard to BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme(VRS)-2019.  


   Change of option for deduction of membership subscription to Unions/Associations  




  BSNL VRS 2019 : According to preliminary reports, out of 104471 eligible employees, 78569 [ Group A-4295, Group B -9010, Group C-54994, Group D- 9936 and Industrial Workers -334 ] have opted for BSNL VRS 2019.---1----2------3


   Appeal for withdrawing proposed Lunch Hour Demonstration on 04/12/2019.  

  Hon'ble Delhi High Court's order on Contempt plea filed by ITSA on non payment of Salary. 


    Indoor Medical treatment in non empanelled hospitals under emergency condition . 

  AUAB gives call for Lunch hour demonstration on 4.12.2019 demanding immediate payment of October and November salary.   


   Regarding October and November Salary of ITS Officers working in BSNL : On 29.11.2019, Hon'ble Delhi High Court has ordered that the Salary of ITS officers for October & November 2019, all their Personal Claims, all recoveries made from their salary and contributions like Pension Contributions are to be settled before 5.12.2019.


   BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019- Notification of the scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees.   

  Pay Scale upgradation under NEPP of Motor Drivers.    


   Consumer Price Index (IW) for October 2019 : The AI CPI (IW) for October 2019 increased by 3 points and stood at 325.

   Rajya Sabha - Question and Answer

Question : The Government has announced VRS to BSNL Employees. BSNL was supposed to revise wages for its Employees from 1.1.2017. But it has not been done.Has the BSNL Management any proposal to give benefit of Wage revision by merging basic wage and DA to the willing employees who have opted for VRS?

Reply : Wage revision is an option available. ButI would like the Honourable Member and the House to know where we are finding it difficult to pay salary becuase of these things, let me first revive it. Once revival is there, surely, there is an option to be explored. But presently, my whole stress is upon reviving BSNL and MTNL, infusing funds and also VRS which i am focussing on.

    Nomination of Nodal Officers respective to Schedule Tribe Caste Scrutiny Committees of MH State    


    Corporate Office letter regarding Appointment of candidates belonging to Halba /Halba Koshti/ Koshti caste/ community against vacancies reserved for the ST. 

   Government has no proposal to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58 years -  Hon'ble Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office informs the Parliament.  


   Updation of mobile number of VRS-2019 optees for accessing of SAMPANN portal   

   Meeting with Director (HR) : The scheduled meeting between Unions and Director (HR) took place on 26th at 1830 Hrs. Director (HR) informed that the road map for functioning of the company after VRS is still under preparation. He desired input from the unions. 


   BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme - 2019 - Frequently Asked Questions.   



   Message from Director (HR) on BSNL VRS 2019 

    BSNL- Voluntary Retirement Scheme- Information regarding competent authorities for acceptance of option if employees belonging to Circle/SSA cadres.   


   Marathi & Hindi translations of FAQs of Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019.  

    Corporate Office letter on grant of Financial Up-gradation of employees under Non-Executive Promotion Policy.

   The corporate office has issued some more answers for some of the frequently asked questions in connection with the voluntary retirement scheme 2019.


   Q&A in Lok Sabha on BSNL :

   When asked whether Employees have been taken into confidence before finalising Revival Package, Government says IIM-A did   

   Loss incurred by BSNL / MTNL   




    AUAB defers the Relay Hunger Fast from 20th to 22nd November: 


   Parliament Question Dy No. S 997"Retrenchment of contractual worker of BSNL.

  Relieving of Staff of BSNL/MTNL working on loan basis in DOT(HQs) and its field units.    



   (Hindi translation) BSNLVoluntary Retirment Scheme 2019-Notification of the scheme and circulation of guidlines to facilities the exercise of option by employees.  

  Certain Grey Areas in BSNL VRS 2019 which need to be addressed by BSNL and DOT :

  Pension Revision : The Judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in IFCI vs Sanjay Behari case ruled out Pension Revision in IFCI for VRS optees. Where as, for those who retired on VRS in MTNL, pension was revised in 2012. Though various VRS schemes do not follow same precedents, it has to be clearly spelt out that, for VRS optees of BSNL, Pension will be revised under Rule 37 A as and when Pay Scales are revised.

Commutation : Para 6.2(c) of BSNL VRS scheme states that VRS optees shall be eligible for commutation of pension without submission of medical fitness certificate up to one year from date of becoming eligible for commutation. To this effect, relaxation is needed in CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules 1981 and neither BSNL nor DOT has the power to relax. Necessary relaxation has to be obtained to dispel doubts.

Payment of Pension, GPF : For months together, BSNL has not deposited GPF recoveries & Pension Contribution to DOT Cell. When AUAB leaders met CMD., BSNL on 7.11.2019, it was mentioned by CMD that special care will be taken to clear such dues, atleast, of VRS optees. If these and other dues are not cleared timely, delay will be there in settlement of Pension, GPF, etc.



   Media News: ITS officers seek to exit from BSNL, MTNL (but) demand fair representation in BSNL board.     


   Vertical/Units Head of C.O. MBI / TERM Cell, MBI/PN/NP & CCA Office MBI - Sub: BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019-Notification of scheme &circulation of guidelines to facilitate1   <<<Click here for the Pension Papers >>

   Pay scale upgradation under NEPP&EPP- timely completion  

   BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019- notification of the scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees. Circulation for BSNL CO ND. 

   Information regarding competent authority for acceptance of option of employees belonging to Circle/SSA Cadre 


   BSNL VRS--2019 Frequently Asked Question. C.O. No. F No. 1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL)-Part   Dated: 07.11.2019  

   No where in the BSNL VRS 2019 it is mentioned that the Scheme will be a First come First served one. Ignore Rumors' spread by vested interests. Let your decision be a well thought out and informed one. 



   Corrigendum issued by BSNL Corporate Office on BSNL VRS-2019. 


 BSNL notifies VRS-2019 and circulates the guidelines     and   MTNL VRS-2019


   VRS: Guidelines on VRS under Gujarat model issued by DPE.

(DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-XXII dated 5th May, 2000) (i) The compensation will consist of salary of 35 days for every completed year of service and 25 days for the balance of service left until Superannuation. The compensation will be subject to a minimum of Rs. 25,000/- or 250 days salary whichever is higher. However, this compensation shall not exceed the sum of the salary that the employee would draw at the prevailing level for the balance of the period left before superannuation. (ii) Salary for purpose of VRS will consist of basic pay and DA only. (iii) Arrears of wages due to revision etc. will not be included in computing the eligible amount. 6. The compensation under VRS/VSS will be in addition to terminal benefits.  

 (DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)GL-XXXV dated 8th December, 2000) 1. Whether allowances like Personal Pay, HRA, NPA, Family Planning increment are to be included for computation of ex-gratia? Basic pay plus DA only is to be taken into account for computation of ex-gratia under VRS. 2. Whether the post of the employee who has taken VRS is to be abolished? There shall be no recruitment against vacancies arising out of VRS. 3. Whether any arrears of ex-gratia are to be paid in the event of pay revision being sanctioned subsequent to voluntary separation? Ex-gratia will be re-calculated on the basis of revised pay scale and the difference be paid. 4. Can notice pay in lieu of notice and TA for settling in the Home Town or elsewhere be paid to the employees who are to opt or have opted for VRS? One month/three months notice pay (as per service conditions applicable to the employees) may be paid. TA for the employees and family would also be admissible to the place where he intends to settle down after taking VRS. For this purpose, the entitlement will include transportation cost of personal effects and travelling cost of self and family members, as admissible under the entitled classes. 5. Under the Gujarat pattern, will the compensation for the balance service be calculated @ 25 days for every year of service left? Compensation under VRS modelled on the Gujarat pattern will consist of salary of 35 days for every year of service completed and 25 days for every year of service left until superannuation. 8. Whether PF, leave encashment, gratuity, notice pay, LTC are payable to employees in case of voluntary retirement? These are to be paid to the employees opting for VRS as per the provisions of the relevant statutes and the service conditions. These are outside the computation of ex-gratia on voluntary retirement.  

 (DPE O.M. No.2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-LVI dated 6th November, 2001) c) Under the Gujarat pattern, the salary for VRS/VSS shall be calculated on the basis of 30 days in a month and not 26 days. Consequently, the method of calculation of ex-gratia for VRS and VSS shall be similar. VRS FAQ  VRS DPE OM dated 08.12.2000  

   Consolidated instructions by DPE  


   Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Honble Minister for Communications will meet  the unions and associations on 04.11.2019 at 15.00Hrs.  


     BSNL Corporate Office has formed Groups / Sub-Groups for various activities related to the VRS. 



     Com. Gurudas Dasgupta, the former General Secretary of AITUC and outstanding Parliamentarian, has passed away at the age of 82. Com. Gurudas Dasgupta has immensely contributed to the cause of the Indian working class movement. As a member of the Parliament for long years, he has effectively voiced the issues of the working class in the Parliament. He has also greatly contributed to the united struggles, organised by the Central Trade Unions. NFTE Maharashtra conveys its heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family and friends.


    DoT O.M on Cabinet approval for the BSNL MTNL Revival Package


    Committee formed to finalise guidelines for VRS to the employees of BSNL & MTNL.  


     Corporate Office letters to Circles regarding 1) Leave ac for aged 50 years and above is to be furnished    and      2  The svc book updation details.  




CMD and all BSNL Board of Directors met All the Unions and Associations in BSNL to explain the BSNL Revival package approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. A presentation was given.

Highlights of BSNL Revival Package:

1. 4G spectrum will be allocated administratively through equity infusion on 2016 price (Rs 14,155 Cr).

1.i) 4G allotment by this calendar year as and when our network is ready.

2. 18% GST of Rs 2540 Cr will be borne by the Govt.

3. Sovereign guarantee bond for Rs 7,500 Cr (Rs 15,000 Cr for BSNL & MTNL). Existing liability is 15,000 to 16,000 Cr.

4. Ex-Gratia payment of approx. Rs 14,800 Cr for about 80,000 employees will be borne by the Govt.

5. Monetization of selected land/building for Rs 20,000 Cr (Rs 38,000 Cr for BSNL & MTNL) in 4 years for i) debt and associated interest payment and ii) funding for CAPEX/OPEX. Existing loan is Rs 20,722 Cr.

6. Details of VRS package which is very attractive comparing to the VRS packages implemented in other sectors so far:

6.i) Employee cost for 2018-19 is Rs 14,492 Cr.

6.ii) Likely savings through VRS for about 80,000 employees is Rs 7500 Cr.

6.iii) VRS formula: (Salary means Basic + IDA of the last month in service)

6.iii).a) 35 days salary for each completed year of service.

6.iii).b) 25 days salary for each remaining year of service.

6.iii).c) Salary for the remaining service.

6.iii).d) Ex-Gratia due = [a) +b)] OR c) whichever is less.

6.iii).e) Pension for the remaining period upto 60 years of age based on the full pension (w/o commutation) of the retiring month.

6.iii).f) Ex-Gratia due+ Pension OR Ex-Gratia alone for BSNL DRs.

6.iii).g) 125% of the salary for the remaining service calculated based on the salary of the retiring month.

6.iii).h) VRS package = f) OR g) whichever is less.

6.iii).i) Ex-Gratia amount to be paid = h) minus e).

6.iii).j) Ex-Gratia will be paid in 2 instalments, 1st instalment in 2019-20 and 2nd instalment in the 1st quarter of 2020-21.

6.iv. Gratuity will be paid on attaining 60 years of age OR after 5 years of retirement (for those below 55 years of age) whichever is earlier with GPF interest rate. In case of death, gratuity will be paid immediately.

6.v.  Commutation of Pension will be allowed on attaining 60 years of age OR after 5 years of retirement whichever is earlier. Till that time full pension will be paid.

6.vi. For the deferred payment of Gratuity and Commutation of Pension, relaxation in the CCS Pension Rules, 1972 is approved by the Cabinet which will be separately notified.

6.vii. VRS option will be opened for a period of 30 days through ERP.

6.viii. E/L and HPL settlement as per Rule.

7. BSNL and MTNL merger in 18 to 24 months after addressing all the contentious issues like debt, delisting of MTNL, pay & pay scales, promotion etc. Initially MTNL will become a subsidiary of BSNL.

8. Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58: It was part of the proposal but final decision is not known. CMD hinted that if VRS is successful then there is no need for reduction of retirement age, otherwise Govt will implement 58.

9. CMD expressed the hope that the entire VRS process can be completed by 31.12.2019.

Finally CMD and Directors requested all the Unions and Associations their full cooperation and support in the implementation of the Revival package.


     Outdoor medical claim of kidney transplant Matching test--1.    2  

   Limited Customer Service Facility for pensioner's counter proposed through Comprehensive Pension Management System (CPMS) Portal.   

  Media News:   Right move to revive BSNL, MTNL  



Cabinet23-October, 2019 16:58 IST
Union Cabinet approves revival plan of BSNL and MTNL and in-principle merger of the two

Spectrum of 4G to be allocated to the Telecom PSEs Funding through capital infusion of over Rs 20,000 Crore Sovereign guarantee for long term bonds of Rs 15,000 Crore Union Government to bear cost of attractive VRS

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for revival of BSNL and MTNL by administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services, debt restructuring by raising of bonds with sovereign guarantee, reducing employee costs, monetisation of assets and in-principle approval of merger of BSNL & MTNL.

The following was approved by the cabinet:-

  1. Administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services to BSNL and MTNL so as to enable these PSUs to provide broadband and other data services. The said Spectrum will be funded by the Government of India by capital infusion in these PSUs at a value of Rs 20,140 Cr in addition; the GST amount of Rs 3,674 Cr to this spectrum value will also be borne by the Government of India through Budgetary resources. By using this spectrum allotment, BSNL and MTNL will be able to deliver 4G services, compete in the market and provide high speed data using their vast network including in rural areas.


  1. BSNL and MTNL will also raise long-term bonds of Rs 15,000 Cr for which sovereign guarantee will be provided by the Government of India (GoI). With the said resources, BSNL and MTNL will restructure their existing debt and also partly meet CAPEX, OPEX and other requirements.


  1. BSNL and MTNL will also offer Voluntary Retirement to their employees, aged 50 years and above through attractive Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), the cost of which will be borne by the Government of India through budgetary support. The ex-gratia component of VRS will require Rs. 17,169 Cr in addition, GoI will be meeting the cost towards Pension, Gratuity and Commutation. Details of the scheme will be finalised by BSNL/MTNL.


  1. BSNL and MTNL will monetise their assets so as to raise resources for retiring debt, servicing of bonds, network upgradation, expansion and meeting the operational fund requirements.


  1. In-principle merger of BSNL and MTNL


It is expected that with the implementation of said revival plan, BSNL and MTNL will be able to provide reliable and quality services through its robust telecommunication network throughout the country including rural and remote areas.



(Release ID :193957)

        Media News:   Cabinet approves BSNL, MTNL revival package: Sources  

   Media News:    BSNL�s revival plan hangs in balance as Finance Ministry bides its time


    Circle office letter to SSA heads regarding Completion/Update of Service Book in respect of BSNL Executives/Non-Executives, who are in the Age group of 50 years and above 

   Media News : DoT awaits FinMin views to table Cabinet note on BSNL, MTNL rescue plan.   1    2

    Media News: BSNL CMD expects revival plan to be in public domain within a month


   Corporate office letter regarding Business Area ,

  Letter from CMD BSNL to all CGMs to update the Service Books of employees of aged 50 years and above.  


  Corporate office communication regarding decision to defer  the Hunger strtike on 18/10/2019 by All Unions & Associations of BSNL.    

   AUAB decides to defer tomorrow's hunger strike, after meeting with the CMD BSNL. A meeting between the AUAB and the CMD BSNL was held at 03:00 pm today. The Director (HR) and Director (CM) were also present. The CMD BSNL assured that salary payment would be made by 23.10.2019.

Further, he also informed that the Cabinet is likely to take a decision on BSNLs revival package within a week.

He appealed to the AUAB to defer the hunger strike scheduled to be held on 18.10.2019.

After this meeting, the representatives of the AUAB, present in the meeting, decided to defer the hunger strike for the time being. It is also decided to hold the next meeting of the AUAB on 30.10.2019, for reviewing the situation and for taking appropriate decision regarding future course of action.


     All Head of SSAs/Units in MH Telecom Circle - Empanelment of Hospitals   and Renewal of Empanelment of 4 hospials in Beed SSA  


   BSNL staff to get salary before Diwali: P.K. Purwar

   BSNL employees� union calls for hunger strike on Friday


   Empanelment of Hospital in Mumbai Area.    1     2

   All Unions & Associations of BSNL  notice for Hunger strike on 18.10.2019 at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs.  

     DoT studying security threat of loss-making BSNL-MTNL privatization


   AUAB gives call for hunger strike on 18.10.2019 - . A meeting of the AUAB was held today. After in-depth discussion, it was decided to organise a one day hunger strike on 18-10-2019, to be participated in by the General Secretaries, Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries, at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels respectively.

Together with this, lunch hour demonstrations are to be organised at all the places on same day, involving the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL. 

The AUAB will again meet on 21-10-2019, to decide about the next course of action.

The following are the demands:-  

  1. Immediate payment of the September salary.

  2.Timely payment of salary every month.

  3.Payment of contract / casual labourers' wages and payment electricity bills and rentals.

  4. Revival of BSNL by immediate allocation of 4G spectrum, extension of financial assistance / soft loan and approval for BSNL�s Land Monetisation proposal.

  5.Settlement of 3rd Pay Revision, Pension Revision and 30% Superannuation benefits. .

  6. Immediate remittance of dues towards GPF, Bank loan EMI, Society, LIC premium, etc.  

   BSNL Corporate office issued a Press Release on 10.10.2019

BSNL Crisis : Revival plan under government's ... - ET Telecom

   Extension of Empanelment of Hospital in Mumbai Area.  1   2   3.

   Office order regarding engagement of contract workers and Data


  Pending pension cases due to delay in submission of pension cases from units and submission of cases without proper check .   

    BSNL endorses DPE's order on IDA payable from October 2019  

BSNL: How one of the most profitable PSUs lost to private players, reached to the verge of closure



   DPE Order for IDA on Oct2019  

   Closing of BSNL Offices situated in Maharashtra State in connection with Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019.    


  Media News:

   Telecom vendors ask Prasad to make BSNL pay Rs 3000 cr ...

BSNL partners Paytm to provide easy access to wifi zones across India



    What other Associations views/Reports on status of the Revival plan for BSNL  1  

   Office order regarding engagement of contract workers and expenditure/austerity measures thereof.  

   Parliament question Data regarding wages of contract workers. 




    Media News:BSNL-MTNL को मिल सकता है 70,000 करोड़ का राहत पैकेज!




















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